Dominik Weber Design

Al-Light ' 1600


Porsche Design Al-light '1600

foldable table for urban luxury appartments



The Al-light ‘1600 is a foldable and very light table for urban luxury apartments. Due to the urbanization, the space for large flats in the cities of the world is shrinking very fast. Different future visions try to show, what will happen to urban flats and their interior concepts. Space saving and adaptable furniture are getting more and more part of exactly these „new“ residential situations.


The foldable concept shows how a brand like Porsche Design can solve this instance. Set up, the table measures a top surface of 1600 to 800 millimeters in a height of 760 millimeters. The perfect size for four persons. Decomposed the aluminium frame of the table is compressed to a size of 800 to 800 millimeters with a depth of 150 millimeters. In this state the Al-light can be stored everywhere, with a minimum use of space. Thanks to the ingenious mechanics of movable joints with spring loaded bolt locking systems, a simple and comfortable usage is accomplished.



subject: foldable table for Porsche Design - Al-light ’1600

work: study project (master - 3rd semester)

year: 2017