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After years of development,  an ancient technology has been reinvented. With the casting of Miraklon® - an acrylic-bound solid surface material "made in Bavaria" - the manufacturing possibilities are expanding enormously. The brand name derives from »Mirakel« and »Klonen«. «Mirakel« or »Miracle« stands for the wonderful variety of possibilities offered by the innovative material. "Klonen" or "Cloning" stands for the infinite duplication with a consistent quality. Miraklon® is a material developed by Hasenkopf, which is produced and processed exclusively by its developers.


Over one hundred new preforms for the sanitary market.

The casting process with Miraklon® is specially optimized for the production of small series of molded parts. With the market launch we are presenting a collection of over one hundred different wash basins, shower trays and bathtubs.




The new Miraklon®  bath tubs with its convincingly pure and simple shape, are offered in a puristic edgy shape, a basic shape which corresponds to the classy design of bathtubs as well as an oval shape. 

The casted Miraklon® washbasins are available in different shapes. A characteristic puristic, rectangular basic shape, a puristic shape with straigt basin sides and rounded corners, a continuous and soft shaped freeform basin, a waisted shaped freeform basin, and wave-shaped washbasins.

The Miraklon® shower trays offer apart from the all new wall drain, seamless covered standard drains. The developed wall drain embodies a discreetly beautiful alternative to the usual floor drains. The drain set and the sewage pipe are installed in the wall. The drain of the standard shower trays is either placed central or at the edge of the shower tray. 


All Miraklon® products can be joined seamlessly to individual extensions and offer therefore a nearly unlimited design freedom for Architects, Designers as well as Consumers.


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A special part of the new Miraklon® Sanitary products is an evenly coloured drain cover made out of solid surface material. The non-porous surface of Miraklon® enables a durable and hygienic product life. The removable drain cover provides an exact fit due to special conical feet and covers the drainage area underneath. Due to the inner coves the drainage area achieves a perfect water flow and is really easy to clean.


The covered central and edge drain systems fit common 1 1/4 inch basin drain fittings, Viega Multiplex Design M1 or other bathtub drain fittings as well as shower standard drain fittings with 90 mm diameter (e.g. Geberit Uniflex D90). For all shower trays a minimum depth of 63 mm could be reached to required a floor level installation. 



subject: casted Corian Sanitary - Hasenkopf

work: Professional assignment

year: 2016 - 2017


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