Dominik Weber Design



Flux Companion

foldable and portable table for business travelers 



The Flux companion is a foldable and portable table for the special claims of todays business travelers. Nearly all business trips force the employees to work in public spaces like airports or train stations. But most of the time, there are only a few free places, mostly without any table to work in a pleasant and ergonomic way. As you always carry a suitcase with you, this is part of the concept for a mobile table system.


In folded state, the special polypropylene plate has the size of a normal carry-on baggage. To set it up, you just fold the plate in a very easy way and mount it on the handle bar of your suitcase. The four easy set up stages are self explanatory and help the user to save time and offer them a easy way to work in an ergonomic way in public spaces. Stored within a mounted bag at the baggage it’s always ready for action.



subject: portable table for Flux - Companion

work: study project (master - 3rd semester)

year: 2017