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With a custom-made shower system, individual wellness oases, exactly matched to the local conditions and the personal wishes of the customers can be created,. The thermoformed shower trays made of acrylic-bound materials such as Corian® can be freely planned in size, colour and design and can be customized with niches, lighting or seating elements on request.

Manufactured made-to-measure bathtubs from acrylic-bound solid surface materials such as Corian®: individual size, shape and colour of the bathtub body and additional modules such as claddings, niches, shelves, stepped and other details are possible. 


Based on both product segments, perfectly customized sanitary solutions can be provided in an affordable way. The high level of the design freedom helps the customer to get the most fitting system for their so well wished private wellness oases.





subject: casted Modular Corian Sanitary Systems - Hasenkopf

work: Professional assignment

year: 2017


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