Dominik Weber Design



Bachelor Thesis - NATURA °1

bathroom concept design - nature as a model



The given task for the bachelor thesis was „nature as a model“. In cooperation with the industrial manufactory Hasenkopf Holz + Kunststoff GmbH & Co. KG a concept for a futuristic bathroom interior out of corian was developed. The connection to the topic is established through four elements: form, material, light and water. A twisted leave was the inspiration for the form and a structural visualization in combination with light. The movement of water was always part of the natural feeling in every sanitary product of the thesis and creates a new senseful atmosphere.


Wash basin, bath tub and the shower are beside the room concept the main parts of the design concept. My design work contains as well construction parts as modeling and a feasible implementation. An innovative way of use, smooth ambient lights, waiver of water taps and a complete new and unfamiliar appearance display consciously, what will be possible with our own house oasis in a nearer future.



subject: bathroom concept - NATURA °1

work: bachelor thesis

year: 2015



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