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Master Thesis - Linon Cycles - Scramble

Flax Fiber Bike Frame concept



In a world of excessive material use, biogenic materials or innovative recycling processes can help to develop sustainable product life chains. I as designer wanted to show a possible approach to those future series production changes with this project.

The Urban Bike Scramble is a concept  to introduce the market to a alternative world of material use in a mass production like the bicycle industry. A lot of factors like material and empirical studies influenced the design process among the research to the final product appearance.




The combination of technical natural fibers and biogenic fillers enable new ways to cross borders in sustainable product design and innovative alternatives in various areas of industrial series production. This present thesis deals in detail with design-based innovational approaches and the design and manufacturing processes resulting from research results. The concept is based on the study of potential natural fibers as well as biopolymers and their competitive integration as a composite material in the existing market.

This implementation is carried out on the basis of a detailed material research in the field of natural fiber-reinforced plastics and on extensive empirical studies of the acceptance of materials and willingness of consumers to buy. In addition to these results, various expert information helps in a realistic product implementation, taking into account constructive and market-relevant influencing factors. By means of these processes, a sustainable, urban short- and medium-range bike was developed, which will in future be marketed under the brand Linon Cycles. Within a comprehensive business plan, the design concept is detailed in terms of its collective financial requirements. 



subject: Flax Fiber Bike Frame concept - Scramble

work: Master thesis

year: 2018