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Furniture concept - Triangular

Separable Stool with eccentric technique



More than ever, city living means making the most of limited living space, leading to a major trend in furniture designed for small, multi-functional spaces. Triangular uses modularity and compactness to tackle the problem head on.

The stool’s triangular shape is inspired by two major influences: usability and technology. The three legs braced by the eccentric are topped by a triangular seat, which enables a more comfortable and direction-independent way of sitting.

The unique system is also remarkably quick and easy to assemble.



Simplicity in both assembly and use were key design goals for Triangular. The stool is delivered with a leather seat cover, where tool-free assembly instructions are engraved. Each leg is identical, allowing it be fitted to any of the three assembly slots. The eccentric can be used in any direction.

Disassembled Triangular units can be delivered or stored without any packaging. The stools can be stored vertically, using just 450x450x60 mm. All of these benefits make Triangular’s logistics highly sustainable.  

The concept is an eloquent example of diverse technical solutions coming together in a single product.



subject: detachable stool - TRIANGULAR

work: study project (master - 2nd semester)

year: 2016