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Vespa SS50 Replica


Vespa SS50 Replica

Motorcycle restoration 



One of my real passions is to work on old-timer vehicles like bikes and motorcycles. I love to restore them and give them my „touch“ in a minimalistic and reduced way. I get to know more and more insights in technical functions, past product design and engineering of these products. It really helps me a lot to solve difficult problem cases in my own product developments. 


Here you can see my Vespa restoration project i did a few years ago. I revised completely everything and edited the whole body to the form of an old an unique SS50 shape. The motor was revised and upgraded to a 133ccm race piston combined with an bigger carburetor.  Everything was done by myself, what makes me really proud of this project.



subject: motorcycle restoration - Vespa SS50 replica


year: 2013