Design is the fusion of shape, construction, usability and marketing. The process of designing a product is affected by many factors like the technical production, aesthetics and others, but i have learned to understand, how these elements influence the final look of a product. In my opinion all these points accompany together. 


Materiality, technology and usability influences my design work most of the time. Therefore i try to create products with a nice appearance and a simple use. Drafts that are technical not feasible will definitely not be part of my way designing a product. Due to my technical background every concept is designed to be produced with actual manufacturing processes, disregarding some future thoughts.


Now while my study in design- and product management i’m really interested in the brand communication and its product selling strategies. A good design is always the perfect instrument for a excellent brand communication through its values and philosophy. For me the combination of marketing, management and design is a really important task for the future brand development, where i want to educate myself.








work experience

December 2017    Master of Arts (in business), design and product management

February 2015    Bachelor of Arts, industrial design

July 2011    General University Entrance Qualification


2016 - now    industrial design and CI development, Exolite - TYPS GmbH

2016 - now    design, construction and portfolio development,                                      

                       Hasenkopf Holz + Kunststoff GmbH Co. KG

2016 - now    research & development, FH Salzburg GmbH

2014    internship industrial design, Hasenkopf Holz + Kunststoff GmbH Co. KG

2008 - 2009 and 2010 - 2011    production and office, metalworking Fitzek GmbH

2006 - 2009    production, furniture joinery Weber


study and work partners